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How the Houston Texans fou
  • How the Houston Texans fou
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When scouting quarterbacks, evaluators dig on them differently along the way. Texans GM Rick Smith got his first strong clue that Deshaun Watson might be a match for Houston from the Raymond James Stadium stands on Jan. 9.

Smith knew if he was going to draft a signal-caller three months later, whoever it was would be joining a playoff roster full of strong veterans. How Dermontti Dawson Womens Jersey would a new QB handle it? With two minutes left in the national title game, and Alabama’s vaunted defense and 69 yards of Bermuda grass in front of him, Watson answered.

Its in the heat of the moment, the enormity of the moment, they have to go down and score,Smith explained from his office Wednesday afternoon. And just his presence, his confidence, his poise, the way that he handled himself in that situation, in that moment, it was very impressive. Thats why I go to those games you can see how they respond to adversity, how they react to their teammates, how they react to their coaches, different situations during the game.

I saw just tremendous poise and I saw confidence in him. And obviously he went and performed in one of the all-time great games youll ever see. He functioned in a very competitive and highly charged environment with a lot of poise and execution.

You know what happened next. So having seen it with his own eyes, and not just what we saw on TV, Smith acted with Watson-like self-assuredness in dealing up last Thursday to go get the 21-year-old Tiger.

I figured Smith had to swallow hard before sending next year’s first-round pick to Cleveland to move up 13 spots and grab Watson at No. 12. I figured wrong.

I didnt experience it like that,Smith saidGreg Lloyd Womens Jersey  with a laugh. “My feeling about the way it was happening, it all worked the way it was supposed to work.

In this week’s Game Plan, were going quarterback heavy explaining what the Bears saw in Mitchell Trubisky, why the Chiefs fell for Patrick Mahomes, and how the 2018 quarterback class may well have influenced what teams did this year at the position. Plus, well look at the drafts of the Patriots and Jets, and so much more.

But we start with Smith — now in his 12th season as Texans GM making the massive move that he hasnt in the past. In his previous 10 drafts (he took over just after the 2006 event), he moved up in the first round once, and that was last year when he went from 22nd to 21st overall to get wide receiver Will Fuller. The highest pick hed spent on a quarterback was the fourth-rounder he used on incumbent Tom Savage in 2014.

So this is, without question, a departure from form for the Texans GM.

What youre getting at, and youre right in the assumption I value picks,Smith said. I do, and so to have to give up draft picks inhttp://www.coltsshop...sey-c-1_18.html  order to go and acquire a player, you just have to have conviction that the player is worth whatever value is assessed. And in this instance, that was the case.”

What I wanted to get to with Smith was how he came to that conviction, and it turns out there were three important checkpoints along the way, from his perspective — the title game, the combine and Watsons visit to Houston. The tape is the tape. Everyone sees that. Trusting that a franchise-shifting investment is worth it (a year after striking out on another big one made in Brock Osweiler) is different.

So here’s how Smith came to feel comfortable:


Watson’s command of a pressure-packed situation was only part of the equation coming out of Tampa. Smith had the good fortune of sitting with a Clemson contingent and met Jessica Jefferson, who worked in the football office. They just talked, but Smith took mental notes.

She happened to be sitting beside me for a quarter and a half, and she just raved about the type of person he was and the leader that he was,Smith said. And she knew (Texans receiver/Clemson alum) DeAndre Hopkins, sohttp://www.officialc...sey-c-1_16.html  we talked about different guys in the program. But she was really complimentary of Deshaun and how he operated around the program, and not just as a football player.”

So Smith’s picture of the person, rather than the player, was becoming clear.



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Hopes are high for a notic
  • Hopes are high for a notic
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SANTA CLARA — DeForest Buckner greeted the media Monday afternoon in the Levis Stadium auditorium. He leaned into the podium and put passion into his answers.

The No. 7 overall pick in last year’s draft, Buckner is grasping the nuances of being a professional and by many measurements, hes heading in the direction of becoming the next NaVorro Bowman and Joe Staley type of pillar the 49ersTodd Davis Youth Jersey  will lean upon for years. The evidence was littered all throughout his press conference.

We’ll get to that part in a minute, but as of early April, hopes are rising for the 6-foot-7, 300-pounder. The 49ers may actually have to update his weight total on their official website. Buckners arms, as the kids say, were yoked. Buckner arrived back in town three weeks early, and head strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright has been kicking his ass in the weight room.

Hes going to get our team right,Buckner said. I feel a lot stronger this year compared to last year. Hopefully Im gaining a little bit of that grown man strength.

A more imposing Buckner coupled with his newfangled leadership skills are very encouraging thoughts for 49ers fans. Buckner’s using his relationship with Seattles Michael Bennett to bring Ronald Blair, Eli Harold and Arik Armstead to Hawaii this July for workouts and film sessions. Buckner explained to the media how much better hes gotten at watching film since he entered the NFL, changing some of his own habits and also picking up tendencies from opposing teams.

He also said he feels like he’s earned the right to bark at his teammates, when necessary.

We have to set a standard and if a guy isnt doing it right, we have to call him out on it,Buckner said. Id like to think I got a little Troy Aikman Womens Jersey respect from last year. A lot of guys come to me and say, Thats your guy. You should talk to him more.Just seeing the respect I gained from my teammates saying I should call out guys more. Its a thing that I have to do.

The respect thing from the locker room is absolutely true. Buckner is growing up quickly in a league that weeds out top 10 picks year after year. That type of growth will happen when you’re arguably the most consistent player on your defense as a rookie. Buckner flashed consistency as a pass rusher with six sacks in a flawed scheme repeatedly exposed by offensive coordinators.

Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh indicated to Buckner that he’ll mostly play the big defensive end (3-Tech) in this system, which is modeled after Seattles one-high safety scheme. Its more of a one-gap, control defense, where Buckner will be able to attack a specific area on the offensive line at a higher rate.

Now Im not two-gapping, Im not holding onto blocks, more avoiding them now,Buckner explained. Im excited about that. Not having to hold off a 300-pound man for two seconds and shedding and all that stuff. So, its going to be more exciting.

Obviously, Buckner’s production will heavily rely upon his teammates. Free agent acquisition Earl Mitchell is expected to plug the middle, Armstead will slide all over the place, and Saleh revealed Aaron Lynch will be lining up with his hand in the dirt at defensive end. Blair, Chris Jones and Quinton Dial will fight for time in the rotation. A majorityhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_29.html  of mock drafts are linking the 49ers to Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas and in my personal opinion, Alabamas Jonathan Allen had the best tape of any player in the draft. A later round pick and an undrafted gem could emerge in training camp.

Can Buckner become a consistent 10-sack player in this defense? Why the hell not? Sophomore slumps can be a real thing in the NFL, but with greater attention paid to chasing quarterbacks, San Francisco’s coaching staff is openly trying to put Buckner in a better position to succeed.

For all the Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly bashing that’s gone on, the former power players in Santa Clara left the 49ers with a parting gift full of potential. You could count the bright spots on one hand last season. But without question, Buckner was one of them. And hes ready to go from bright spot to building block should the http://www.authentic...sey-c-1_19.html cards fall in his direction.

Even during the year everybody knew it was unacceptable. Nobody wants to be mentioned as the 32nd team in the league,Buckner said. Everybodys ready to kind of redeem themselves from last year.


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Jarius Wright: The first d
  • Jarius Wright: The first d
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Jarius Wright will have every opportunity to stake his claim in 2017.

With the Minnesota Vikings losing bothJerry Rice Kids Jersey  Charles Johnson and Cordarrelle Patterson in free agency, Wright enters the offseason as the de facto No. 3 wide receiver on the depth chart, with Laquon Treadwell also vying for that status.

The veteran wide receiver might have a leg up on his second year counterpart, however for Wright, the early stages of workouts means an opportunity to get back in to the swing of things, as well as meeting back up with his teammates.

The first day went really well,’’ Wrighthttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_21.html  said to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “It was good to get a chance to get back in with my teammates and with all the new guys, just start building some team chemistry. It was great. I enjoyed meeting all the new players we had. It was fun being back.’’

That fun may be short lived. As the Phase I aspect of the offseason program ramps up, so does the intensity of the workouts. Positional coaches, as well as head coach Mike Zimmer, are barred from participating the early training sessions, however are allowed to be present in the building.

Zimmer himself was there early in the day according http://www.authentic...sey-c-2_63.html to Wright, however departed early as he underwent yet another operation on the torn retina in his right eye. The Vikings' head man is set for one more procedure following Monday's.


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Doug Flutie finished his t
  • Doug Flutie finished his t
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Boston College football great Doug Flutie finished his third Boston Marathon on Monday in a time of 4:50:41, shaving off almost 15 minutes Trae Waynes Womens Jersey from his 2015 time and nearly an hour from his 2014 mark.

Dressed in very patriotic attire and a Boston Red Sox cap, the Natick native was running on behalf of the Flutie Foundation, which works to support families affected by autism. The foundation live-streamed part of the race on its Facebook page.

After the race, Flutie met with fellow http://www.officialv...sey-c-2_38.html Boston College Eagle Pete Frates. Frates’s brother, Andrew, was running the marathon in honor of his sibling and to raise awareness about ALS.



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Joshua Garnett trade redux
  • Joshua Garnett trade redux
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Much has been made about the 49ers pick at second overall and the possibilities that they’ll pursue. Trade-down discussions haveJosh Lambo Kids Jersey  highlighted the team’s options to get the best value with their first selection of the 2017 NFL draft.

The players worthy of the second-overall selection are limited and the 49ers may be ‘over-draftingregardless of who they select. Conversely, the talent that will be available at the tail end of the first round will be considered excellent value. The players that are bunched between picks 20 and 40 are all of roughly equal ability and will be ranked by teams according to taste. Maneuvering to land the desired playerhttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_44.html  will depend on a general manager’s ability to isolate his target and judge the market.

The 49ers are forging ahead with a new front office but they’ve been off to a hot start. General manager John Lynch can imitate his predecessor by jumping into the end of the first round for a cant miss prospect. Trent Baalke surprised in 2016 by trading up into the first round to select Stanford guard Joshua Garnett, presumably moving in front of the Seattle Seahawks. A year later, the 49ers should be considering doing the exact same thing.

Let’s look at five prospects that the 49ers could trade back into the first round for

Patrick Mahomes’ footwork is anythinghttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_55.html  but conventional and yet he managed to complete 65.7 percent of his passes for 5,052 yards in 2016 at Texas Tech. Mahomes has the strongest arm of the entire class and can throw from multiple platforms with varied arm angles. He’s unorthodox, but has above-average athleticism and a moxie that is coveted as a face of the franchise.

Mahomes could be the unquestioned best of this QB class or out of the top-3 depending on whom you ask. Shanahan, the evaluator with the final say when it comes to 49ers quarterbacks, should see a moldable athlete with Jaquiski Tartt Authentic Jersey phenomenal physical traits. Mahomes doesn’t need to start to be worth a first round selection. The 49ers may have to get in front of the Houston Texans at 25 but can find a future Franchise quarterback in doing so.




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With the 180th pick in the NFL Draft, the Vikings took a gamble on German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer in the sixth round.

Boehringer was a combine darling, buthttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_41.html  really didn’t know how to play football.

After a full season on the practice squad, we can’t tell you whether that changed or not, but it certainly couldnt have hurt.

Boehringer will have the chance to make the team this season. If he doesn’t, the pick will look like a semi wasted pick, but for the hype surrounding him and the fact that there wasnt much risk, its hard to blame Vikings general manager Rick Spielman.

There weren’t a whole lot of notableKhairi Fortt Authentic Jersey  players taken after him that make us say, ‘Wow, we missed on that!

And with the Vikings losing Charles Johnson and Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings could certainly use Boehringer to step up.



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Dolphins add receivers, ea
  • Dolphins add receivers, ea
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A six-pack of Dolphins notes a day after the draft:

By drafting Isaiah Ford in the seventh round and adding four undrafted rookie free agent receivers, the Dolphinsmessage Lee Smith Womens Jersey  is clear: Leonte Carroo, Jakeem Grant and Rashawn Scott won’t be gifted roster spots.

Now let’s make this clear: Carroo and Grant remain clear favorites to make the team. None of the five receivers added is nearly as skilled a kick returner as Grant

But Ford has a legitimate shot to stick. And UM’s Malcolm Lewis, ArkansasDrew Morgan, Mississippis Damoreea Stringfellow and Stanfords freakishly athletic Francis Owusu will have a chance to impress.

The Dolphins haven’t announced any of those free agent pickups or any others, and though those four receivers or their agents confirmed their Dolphins deals, its uncertain if all four will be with the team for their classroom-based rookie workshop,so to speak, next weekend.

Heres what the Dolphins liked about Ford:

First of all, hes been productive for a couple of years there,Dolphins general manager Chris Grier said. If you watch Virginia Tech, he was a player that was always kind of the go-to guy. It was always the plan to stop him. (We) like hes a very good route runner.

He’s a very smart kid when you talk to him, so he really understands leverages, coverages, running routes, finding the open spots in http://www.authentic...sey-c-2_22.html zones. So (we had) the opportunity to add a good player that late in the draft. We were surprised he was still there. I know again, he fell, because probably people said how he should have run faster; but at the end of the day, we just like to draft football players. It worked out with Jarvis (Landry). We’ll see if it works out with him.

With guard Isaac Asiata, the appeal was not only his size, but his toughness and intelligence.

Hes very smart with a passion and a love for football,Grier said. His life story, hes had some adversity in his life that hes overcome, so youre kind of drawn to those guys. Hes really made himself into a man and how he handles his life. On the field, hes a nasty [rhymes with stick], and thats what you like about him. Hes a tough, physical, nasty mauler. We just wanted to add more of that to us.

What appealed to the Dolphins about LSU defensive tackle Davon Godchaux?

Hes a physical run defender,Grier said. When you see how he looks, hes a big square body. Hes tough. Hes played in those wars in the SEC, the Alabama game, those 9-6 games, the Wisconsin game. This guy is a physical, tough guy, that enjoys getting dirty, getting in there and being physical. With him, those were some of the traits we liked about him.


And what about Vincent Taylor?

With Vincent (Taylor), for a big guy, hes had production,Grier said. Hes been a pass rusher there. (He had 6.5) sacks last year, 13 tackles for loss. (Hes) a bigger body guy that can be a one-gap penetrator and create a little havoc in the backfield at times. Those are things, when youre at the point in the draft, (if) you can get guys with size and production for a couple of years, they are interestinghttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_55.html  prospects. We are happy to get them.”

Mel Kiper wasnt fond of the Dolphinsdraft. On ESPN.com, he gave Miami and a few other teams a C-plus. Only the Rams (C- minus) got a worse grade.

Kiper’s take: Charles Harris' dropping a few spots and falling into the Dolphins' lap helps them a bit, but I thought he was better suited to go to a 3-4 team. He might be a situational pass-rusher early in his career as he bulks up from his 6-foot-3, 253-pound frame. He needs to improve playing against the run, and that should come in time.

Miami filled a big need with tackling machine Raekwon McMillan. I was surprised he went off the board before Zach Cunningham, however. Cordrea Tankersley is a big corner (6-1, 199) who had nine career interceptions. The Dolphins traded up for Isaac Asiata, and I gave him an undrafted grade. If they wanted a guard who could play immediately, they could have taken Forrest Lamp in Round 1. Asiata isn't that guy. Davon Godchaux, who has some off-field concerns, and Vincent Taylor

will provide depth along the interior of the defensive line.”

Besides the Cunningham second guess, heres another weve wondered about: Why did the Dolphins cut Earl Mitchell (now with the 49ers) before determining if they could find a better veteran No. 3 defensive tackle? (They havent added any veteran defensive tackle, let alone a better one.) And its not like they desperatedly needed the cap space.

Among free agent defensive tackles still available: Dan Williams (released by the Raiders a week before the draft), ArthurGreg Lloyd Womens Jersey  Jones, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick, Jaye Howard (failed his Chiefs physical), Sen’Derrick Marks, Roy Miller, Sean Lissemore, Corbin Bryant, Tony McDaniel, Leger Douzable, Kedric Gholston, Devon Still and Ricardo Mathews.

The Dolphins will now get to see what they have in Godchaux and Taylor.




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Colts Hoping T.J. Green Ma
  • Colts Hoping T.J. Green Ma
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INDIANAPOLIS – When it comes to the class of young NFL safeties, the GiantsLandon Collins is atop that throne.

Collins earned All-Pro honors last year, andhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_21.html  was considered one of the main finalists for the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award.

But people should not forget where Collins was following his 2015 rookie season.

Per Pro Football Focus, Collins was the NFL's 83rd ranked safety in 2015.

One year later, no safety had a higher grade than Collins.

In Indianapolis, the Colts have taken note of what Collins did from one year to the next.

They hope their own young safety, T.J. Green, can follow a similar path.

You look at a guy like Landon Collins, the jump that he made from Year One to Year Two, defensive coordinator Ted Monachino says, we would hope T.J. could make a similar jump.

Green’s rookie season in the NFL was not all smooth sailing.

The inexperienced safety (Green played Riley Dixon Youth Jersey safety for just two seasons in college) played sporadically in sub packages, with Mike Adams, Clayton Geathers and Darius Butlerabove Green on the depth chart.

T.J. made quantum leaps in some areas (and) needs to continue to grow in a lot of areas,Monachino says. I dont think he played to the level he believed he could have.

(Greens) another role guy (in 2017). We can do a lot of things with T.J. I see the arrow way up on T.J. Green.

Projecting the role for Green in 2017 will come from how often the Colts want to use their sub packages.

Geathers and Butler are the likely starters at safety. But if Green is the first defensive back used in those sub packages, he’s going to play a whole lot, possibly more than 50-60 percent of the teams defensive snaps.

Solidifying, and perhaps simplifying, a role for Green is something that Chuck Pagano knows is key.

Pagano says he takes some responsibility forhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_48.html  overwhelming Green a bit last year, when the Colts tried to use their rookie all over the defense, after Geathers was injured.

When we lost (Geathers), we tried to put T.J. in some of those roles. And him trying to process and learn the safety stuff and move into some nickel linebacker spots probably wasnt fair,Pagano says.

All offseason long, Pagano and the Colts have preached the need to get faster on the defensive side of the ball.

They don’t get much faster than Green.

That’s why the Colts really need an in-tune Green this fall.

T.J., you dont found guys like that---6-3 and change and 200-plus pounds and run 4.34 (40-yard dash),Pagano says.

Its got to translate to the field now. From a football standpoint and football IQ and being able to learn the game, go play fast, go make plays, is going to be huge.

The analysis from those producing content on Colts.com does not necessarily represent the thoughts of the Indianapolis Colts Brandon Carr Youth Jersey organization. Any conjecture, analysis or opinions formed by Colts.com content creators is not based on inside knowledge gained from team officials, players or staff.


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Franco Harris, Arthur Moat
  • Franco Harris, Arthur Moat
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Franco Harris and Steelers linebacker Arthur Moats will announce the team's second and third round picks Friday night in Philadelphia.  

Harris was flanked by Jerome Bettis at theManti Teo Authentic Jersey  NFL Draft on Thursday night, as the two Steelers' legends paid homage to the late Dan Rooney before announcing the team's selection of T.J. Watt with the 30th pick in the draft.

First off, I like that the NFL is going to different cities to get more people engaged,Harrison said about the NFL's decision to rotate where the draft's location, via Steelers.com. The added touch of having former players from thehttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_24.html  teams make draft pick announcements is special. It was a good move by the NFL. It keeps things connected to the team. It makes for a good feeling all around.

The Steelers are looking to win their seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2017. Keep up with all of the news and sign up for our FREE Steelers newsletter

Moats said that he is excited to personally welcome his new teammates to the Steelers' organization.

I am looking forward to whoever this is we get to bring in,Moats said. I am already throwing my two cents in that we http://www.officialv...sey-c-2_47.html have two third round picks and hopefully I will get to announce both and they will be my kids, my sons.

The second day of the draft will begin at 7:00 p.m. EST.


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TAFE cops another hammerin
  • TAFE cops another hammerin
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The uncapping of sub-bachelor level student places in this week’s higher education reform package will have devastating impact on the TAFE sector.

And while the government subscribes to Craig Robertson Womens Jersey student choice as its rhetoric of choice, it was focused tightly on universities only, said Craig Robertson, chief executive of TAFE Directors Australia.

It is difficult to see how the package could genuinely be labelled higher education reform when it highlights the importance of student choice but fails to consider other legitimate course choices, such as in TAFE,Mr Robertson said.

It also raises the question as to exactly how universities would develop this new industry-focused stream to start next year, and whether it is the most appropriate use of resources.

Under the proposal the government will allow approved sub-bachelor programs into the demand-driven system from 2018 onwards.

While the programs must meet certain conditions — it meets industry workforce needs, must articulate into a full degree and is only made available to people who do not hold a prior degree Mr Robertson said this measure Blair Walsh Womens Jersey would also skew students towards universities and away from the TAFE sector, which had longstanding industry relationships.

Slicing off critical parts of TAFE and handing them to the university sector is not the way to approach tertiary reform and could adversely impact TAFE, particularly in regional Australia,Mr Robertson said.

The government has also been cautioned about weighing its reforms too heavily toward the university sector by AiGroup chief executive Innes Willox.

The decision to expand the demand driven funding system to approved university sub-bachelor courses may significantly adversely impact the VET sectors role in preparing job-ready graduates,Mr Willox said. The extent to which this decision diverts students away from the VET sector to universities is ahttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_52.html  major cause for concern.

Independent policy expert Mark Warburton agreed saying the measure spelled another devastating hit for the public vocational sector.

The contrast with the VET sector is stark. There is little coherent strategy ensuring VET resourcing is adequate or that subsidies effectively complement the increasing student contributions for VET courses,Mr Warburton said.

The expansion of sub-bachelor courses in universities will allow them to absorb more upper level VET activity and in the long term this may be more expensive than if they were provided in the VET sector.

Mr Robertson said he was concerned about the cost to students who would pay higher fees for diploma level programs at a university and would continue to accrue debt if they moved into a degree.

The government has failed to recognise the cost effective options available at TAFE and has chosen to load the cost on to students in higher fees,he said.

Currently commonwealth subsidies are not available to most students undertaking bachelor programs at TAFE. These students must take out a full fee higher education loan, but face an additional loading of up to 25 per cent.

If Commonwealth funding is extended to selected diploma, advanced diploma and associate degree programs at universities, the distortion will be made worse,Mr Robertson said.

Students in the vocational educationhttp://www.authentic...rsey-c-1_9.html  and training sector will effectively have an incentive to abandon the public TAFE system and be diverted to an untested university stream supported by a new government subsidy.

We are disappointed that the higher education reforms have been developed with little regard to moving toward a coherent tertiary sector.



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Ian Williams: Britain’s Mo
  • Ian Williams: Britain’s Mo
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By Tom Peacock

Should anyone fancy starting up a new racecourse in Britain, one guarantee is that Ian Williams will have runners there on the opening day.

One of Britain’s most successful dual-code Jay Novacek Youth Jersey trainers is justifiably proud of what he understands to be the unique achievement of saddling a winner at each of the country’s Flat and jumps tracks, and it seems to have spawned into a minor obsession.

I had a feeling, so I sat down with the National TrainersFederation diary one day and started ticking of the racecourses, and I realised I only had a couple left to go,he explained. I dont think theres anybody else and I cant think of anybody who has done it going back over the years, more so then when you were either Flat or National Hunt. Not many people would want to travel all ends of the bloody country either, but were so well-placed to do that, it makes it a little bit easier for us than others.

The last initially was Thirskits a very nice course but not a great trip for us,he added. It took a while before eventually everything clicked and Cruise Tothelimit (Ire) won there in 2014.

Then, of course, they reopened Chelmsford and stuck an all-weather track at Newcastle, it started the game again but we did that too luckily.

Williams has been at Dominion Stables at Alvechurch near Birmingham, a modern and self-contained premises developed with the businessman Pat Kelly, for the vast majority of his 21 years with a licence. Not a famousCedric Thornton Youth Jersey  training centre but certainly a geographical one, it allows the net to be spread far and wide.

His string of 80 is currently split around 50-50, with some crossover. Even without the likes of the injured Ballyalton (Ire) (Pierre {GB}), who provided a first Cheltenham Festival victory, he will be close to a half-century of winners during the National Hunt campaign and could reach around that figure again if the Flat year goes well.

Jumping-wise it has been one of our best, numerically as well as prize-money,he said. There has been a nice uplift in quality and reliability of performance has been good. The horses have been healthy for a couple of years, which has helped enormously. We learned our lesson from a bad series of infections we had five or six years ago, we changed our procedures and our general managementthats certainly been of huge benefit.

If not at Cheltenham, Williams’s all-purpose team can deliver some exciting payoffs. Munsef (GB) (Zafonic) progressed from a Chester claimer on his stable debut to finishing 12th in the G1 Melbourne Cup just over four months later while sprinter Sir Maximilian (Ire) (Royal Applause {GB}) swiped valuable prizes at the 2015 and 2016 Dubai Carnivals.

It makes for a good business model,said Williams, who was tutored by National Hunt luminaries Jenny Pitman and Martin Pipe as well as Frenchman Francois Doumen, perhaps the ultimate jack of all trades. My heart is really in the jump racing but we set up pretty good figures on the Flat. We dont aim for speedy 2-year-old types but I think we do well with the 3-year-olds and upwards.

Work mornings can be interesting,he noted. Theyre pretty much mixed and matched, sometimes they will work with eachhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_55.html  other, depending on how much pace or stamina we want to do. Levels of work and the amount of work for the jumpers is far more than for the Flat horses but the basics are the same. Healthy, well-fed and well-exercised horses should be capable of doing their job if they’re placed in the right races.

A trace of Williams’s background betrays what seems to be a methodical approach to his business. His father Billy trained the useful chaser Toms Little Owl but his son first spent a year studying accountancy (I found it a little tedious) before managing a William Hill betting shop in Devon.

It was never my intention to train but I fell into it after working as assistant for Jenny Pitman,he said. I thought Id be very privileged to have the chance to train a dozen horses at some stage, but it grew into something bigger. I suppose if had my time again Id probably be a horse racing accountant, even though Im not sure theres a lot more money in that than training racehorses. It would probably have been more sensible, but who wants to be sensible.

From Fakenham to Ffos Las and Kelso to Kempton, Williams is sure to continue churning out the winners if the opportunity is there. Chester’s May meeting, though, should be the most useful gauge of his smartest Flat crop for 2017.

Speedo Boy (Fr) (Vision DEtat {Fr}) has done very well, he won the first listed race of the season in France and will probably go for the mile-and-a-quarter Dee S.,he revealed. Duke Of Clarence (Ire) (Verglas {Ire}) is a horse we have for Dr Marwan Koukash and weve been preparing him for the Chester Cup, a race we won a few years ago with Bulwark (Ire) (Montjeu {Ire}). Sir Maximilian ran well this winter in Dubai, even though he wasnt able to win, and its probably the plan to have him go to Chester for the conditions event that he won last year. Hes been great but hes fragile and needs to behttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_46.html  looked after.”

He continued, “We have some nice handicappersBanditry (Ire) (Iffraaj {GB}) has won three on the Flat and London Prize (GB) (Teofilo {Ire}) was looking progressive on the Flat before he went hurdling and there should be no reason why he shouldnt continue to improve.

Glorious Goodwood winner Shady McCoy (English Channel) was well below par on his reappearance but has come back in good form and will step up on his performance Im sure,Williams added. Theres a lot to look forward to on the Flat.

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The Vikings have been searching Blair Walsh Youth Jersey  for a slot cornerback to take over for the departed Captain Munnerlyn, but his heir might already be in Minnesota.

Taken in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Mackensie Alexander showed promise during the Vikings' preseason campaign, tying for the lead in interceptions and passes defended along with fellow rookie and Clemson product Jayron Kearse. Their performances lead to high hopes for the rookie duo, however by and large, they failed to be fully realized.

That could very well change in 2017.

With Munnerlyn now gone, the onus is onhttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_11.html  the young cornerback to fill the void, as the slot cornerback position is his to lose as the start of the new seasons draws ever closer. Although Alexander struggled during his rookie season, his head coach is ready to give the Florida native every chance to stake his claim.

Hes a very, very talented kid,Zimmer said at the NFL Combine. I was talking with coaches about this: College rules are so much different for defensive backs than they are in the NFL. Thats why with defensive backs it takes a long time, especially for guys that want to get up in peoples faces. Thats whats disappointing abouthttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_41.html  not having young guys for a longer period of time in the offseason to teach them.”

With a year of practice under his belt and another offseason in which to learn, Alexander, according to Zimmer, will be given the opportunity to make the position his own, adding "what he does with it is up to him" during an interview with KFAN Radio in March. If he's to realize that potential, however, he'll have to start listening to those around him.

Throughout his rookie season, various reports surfaced of Alexander's reluctance to take on advice from coaches as well as his veteran teammates, a trait that his agent has linked to trust issues that stem from his upbringing. With veterans like Terence Newman and Xavier Rhodes in the fold, he'll have to change that habit, as there's nary a more experienced duo in the NFL to learn from.

Alexander has the natural talent and support system Trevor Siemian Kids Jersey to make a name for himself in the NFL, but like Zimmer said, it's up to him to take his opportunity.

If he doesn't, it won't just be him who suffers because of it.



Posted 03 May 2017 - 03:24 PM #8913

Nick Underhill on Manti Te
  • Nick Underhill on Manti Te
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The New Orleans Saints are still in the midst of the team-building period, with perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle less than Phillip Dorsett Kids Jersey a week away, with the draft running Thursday through Saturday.

New Orleans now knows whom it will be playing, and when, but who will be on the field is still to be determined. The goal for the team will be to add a couple of starters during the draft and to continue to add to the roster through trades or free agency.

A few options are already known and can now be explored since Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler recently signed his tender, making him available for trade, and running back Adrian Peterson remains a free agent.

One way or another, we should finally know how the roster is shaping up by this time next week.

Here are some thoughts before the mock drafts get put away for good:

Manti Te'o's contract is heavy on incentives, and most of them are dependent on him getting ready to play. Te’o, who missed most of last season because of an Achilles injury, has an $850,000 base salary this year and much of the rest of his money can be made in bonuses. He has a $350,000 roster bonus he can earn by passing a club physical and being cleared to play between May 15 and any game this season. Hell then receive another $150,000 roster bonus for appearing in his first game. He can also earn up to $500,000 in per game roster bonuses and up to another $1 million in playing-time incentives. The linebacker's two-year deal only includes $600,000 in guarantees.

It’s the silly season. You can only believe so muchhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_34.html  of what you hear. Everyone has an agenda, and sometimes that agenda is pushed forward by distributing incomplete information. That might have happened here last week. This space was used to relay that former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster had a good visit with the Saints. That might not be the whole story. He might have answered some questions, but others still exist. Chances are, we won't know the whole truth about all these things, and how they're viewed, until after the draft.

The Saints have some ties to the Alabama coaching staff, which could be advantageous considering there are a few players who have questions to answer, including Foster and pass rusher Tim Williams, a former University High standout. Assistant general manager Jeff Ireland worked with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and associate athletic director for football Ed Marynowitz in Miami. Having those connections could help New Orleans get good information on those players that might otherwise not be available.

It was interesting that former LSU running back Leonard Fournette dropped in on the Saints during their local pro day. The Saints pick 11th, and while it seems unlikely Fournette will be on the board, it was a good way to get to meet with the prospect and not use up an official visit. Whether it’s through the draft or free agency, it wouldnt be surprising to see New Orleans add a running back for depth behind Mark Ingram. Ideally, the back coming in would have the ability to split out and run some routes. Its also worth noting that the possibility of signing Adrian Peterson remains alive.

Alex Okafor is betting on himself. The defensive end signed a one-year deal with a $935,000 base salary and $1 million signinghttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_21.html  bonus. But he can rack up some extra money by performing well. He’ll earn $200,000 if he collects six sacks, another $300,000 if he hits 7½ sacks, and another $500,000 if he hits nine, for a total of $1 million. He can also make $200,000 for playing 55 percent of the defensive snaps and another $300,000 if he plays 65 percent of the snaps. Okafor finished with 3½ sacks last season but recorded eight in 2014.

A lot was made this week about injured players reporting for the opening phase of the offseason program. It’s a good sign that guys like defensive end Hauoli Kikaha (ACL), safety Erik Harris (ACL) and tight end Josh Hill (fibula) are in the facility, but the real barometer will come during organized team activities when we can see who is on the field. That will tell a better story about where these guys are in their recovery than anything else. But for what its worth, cornerbacks P.J. Williams and Delvin Breaux are said to be good to go moving forward.

The Saints have a legitimate gripe about the schedule. It seems impossible that a randomly generated schedule almost always puts the team on the road for Thursday games. Dating to 2012, New Orleans has played only one of these games in the Superdome, and this year is no different with a Week 14 date in Atlanta. This needs to even out at some point with a string of Thursday games at home.

One last thought on the schedule. We can go through and mark wins and losses for each game. None of that matters. We have no idea who will be on this team come September. The Week 2 game against the Patriots might look a little bit different if the Saints land a couple of starters on defense in the draft or end up trading for http://www.officialc...sey-c-1_43.html someone. Once we know who is on the roster, and how those players are developing (on both the Saints' roster and the rosters of their opponents), we’ll have a better idea of how things are going to shape up. We dont have enough evidence to do any of that right now.




Posted 03 May 2017 - 02:56 PM #8914

New England Patriots: Comp
  • New England Patriots: Comp
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Are any of the wide receivers taken in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft better than Brandin Cooks of the New England Patriots?

Three wide receivers were selected in the first Tj ward Womens Jersey round of the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday. The New England Patriots packaged their first-round selection to the New Orleans Saints for wide receiver Brandin Cooks earlier this offseason.

Cooks entered the league as the twentieth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints. In three seasons with the New Orleans, Cooks has posted 215 receptions for 2,861 yards and twenty touchdowns. In March of 2017, the Patriots traded their 1st-round, 32nd overall pick, and 3rd-round, 103rd overall pick for the Saints 4th-round, 118th overall pick, and wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

Figuratively speaking, it could be said that New England drafted Cooks by trading their first-round pick to New Orleans in return for the wide receiver. By that precedent, how does the former Saint stack up against the draft’s top wide receivers?

Three wide receivers were selected in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday; among the three were Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and John Ross.

Corey Davis was the first wide receiver off the board in the 2017 draft; he was selected by the Tennessee Titans with the fifth overall pick.

Cooks doesn’t possess the tall, bulky frame thatLance Dunbar Womens Jersey  Davis does, though he does sport bigger hands. Although Davis’ sizable build may seem more appealing, he did not participate at the scouting combine or his pro day due to an ankle injury, whereas Cooks hadnt missed a game for New Orleans since his season-ending thumb injury in 2014.

Ultimately, Cooks biggest advantage is his experience and production against NFL talent compared to Davis’ against MAC level competition. Theres no denying his production at Western Michigan, however, over four years, Davis totaled 52 catches, 701 yards, and 5 touchdowns in nine games against power fiveteams, in comparison to Cooks84 receptions, 1,019 yards, and 8 touchdowns in 17 games against NFL playoff teams since being drafted in 2014.

With the seventh selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers took Mike Williams.

Like Davis, Williams has the tall, long frame of a traditional wideout, contrasting Cooks’ shorter, speedier build.

In 38 games at Clemson, Williams collected 177 catches, 2,727 yards, and 21 touchdowns, averaging 15.4 yards per reception. Although Clemson’s spread offense required fewer routes, Williams experience against power fiveteams and familiarity playing in big games will help him in his transition to the pros. Cooks washttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_60.html  drafted out of Oregon State’s pro-style offense and like Williams faced several intermediate opponents within the PAC-12 conference. In 38 games at Oregon State, Cooks tallied 226 catches, 3,272 yards, and 24 touchdowns. Cooks also won the Fred Biletnikoff Award in 2013.

The third wide receiver taken in the first round was Washington’s John Ross; by the Cincinnati Bengals with the ninth overall pick.

With similar measurables and testing scores, Brandin Cooks and John Ross are nearly identical. Even Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller mocked Ross to the Saints with the thirty-second pick as a replacement for the departed Cooks.

Both receivers clocked blazing fast forty-yard dash times, Cooks with a 4.33-sec, Ross with the record 4.22-sec. Physically, their frames almost mirror each other, both are five-eleven or under and around 189-pounds. However, it’s Cooksframehttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_32.html  that has proven to be more durable. Cooks hasn’t missed a game in two straight seasons, Ross, on the other hand, has undergone both knee and shoulder surgeries.




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David DeCastro No.97 on NF
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David DeCastro became the first Steelers Shannon Sharpe Youth Jersey player to crack NFL Network's top 100 list for 2017, coming in as the 97th ranked player in the league after not making the list in 2016.

NFL Network announced the 100-81st ranked players on their list on Monday night, as DeCastro is Pittsburgh's lone representative on the list so far.

Keep up to date with the 6X Super Bowlhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_15.html  champions! Click and here receiver our FREE Steelers newsletter

The 24th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the former Stanford Cardinal broke into the starting lineup in 2013. After being named as an All-Pro for the first time in 2015, DeCastro earned his second straight Pro Bowl selection in 2016 after helping anchor an offensive line that allowed just 17 regular season sacks of Ben Roethlisberger while helping Le'Veon Bell lead the NFL in average rushing yards per game.

The 6'5, 316-pound DeCastro has been a model http://www.authentic...sey-c-1_38.html of consistency and durability, playing (and starting) in 63 of the team's last 64 regular season games.  


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Minnesota Vikings Safety A
  • Minnesota Vikings Safety A
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Three months ago to the day, a self-described delivery guy made a drop-off to the home of Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo whereGarrett Celek Womens Jersey  he says he received a poor tip for his service. How this didn’t become breaking news on CNN, we have no idea. Afterward, he took to his Twitter account to record his ninth tweet in just over three years, as he sent a message to Sendejo, telling him that if he was going to open the door in his undies and make him stare at his tiny ****," then he should tip better:

Not to take such an accusation lying down, at leastVance Walker Youth Jersey  not for more than three months, Sendejo finally responded on Monday afternoon by stating that he was more offended that he was accused of being cheap than he was of being accused of having a microscopic dong:

Apparently, this ****** was memorable enough, because the delivery guy can still recall it, and used its allegedly underwhelming size to try to burn Sendejo, as well as the Vikings for coming up a game shy of making the postseason:

It’s nice to see people use Twitter for its intendedhttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_65.html  purpose for once, and to see Sendejo be so at ease with his endowment. Hey, as we've reported in the past, a small ****** can drive women wild.



Posted 03 May 2017 - 09:29 AM #8917

Keenan Allen Offers Instan
  • Keenan Allen Offers Instan
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Keenan Allen was surrounded by hundreds of Chargers fans at the ESPN Zone at Disneyland when Roger Goodell strolled to the podiumJavon Hargrave Youth Jersey  to announce the team’s first-round pick.

Perhaps no one was more excited to hear the commissioner utter the words “Mike Williamsthan KA13.

Oh, Im hyped!he said with palpable excitement.  I like him!  I hope hes ready to come in and make plays.  Just do what he can do because he can really ball.

At 6-4, 218-pounds, Williams is a big, physical threat who attacks the ball in the air.  He’s earned a reputation as a clutch playmaker, forcing defenses to always account for his whereabouts.  The Bolts were loaded with offensive weapons even before they added him to the fold.  Allen believes Williamsmerehttp://www.officialc...sey-c-1_41.html  presence is going to open things up for him.

Its crazy.  You add him to me, Tyrell (Williams), Dontrelle (Inman), Travis (Benjamin) plus Antonio (Gates), (Hunter) Henry, Melvin (Gordon); I mean, its crazy to defend that.  Its going to open things up for us. We have a lot of threats and different kinds (of receivers).  Deep threats.  Big guys. Guys who can run everything on the route tree. He is really going to open things up.  Anything we can do to make the plays to win the game Im all for.  Hes going to help us.

When Williams arrives at the team’s facility, KA13 should be the first person he seeks out. In all, it wasnt long ago that Allen was a fresh faced rookie receiver looking to make his mark.  The teams third-round pick in 2013 did just that, earning Pepsi Next Rookie of the Year honors after catching 71 passes for 1,046 yards and eight touchdowns.

So what does Allen plan to tell his new teammate?

Just be you.  Come in and play with confidence. Dont hold anything back and just do what youve been doing. Everyone knows what you can do.  Just be confident.

The Los Angeles Chargers will celebratehttp://www.officialv...sey-c-2_17.html  day three of the 2017 NFL Draft at StubHub Center on Saturday, April 29. DraftFest is free and open to the public. A long list of current and former Chargers players will also be in attendance signing autographs, taking pictures and mingling with fans.  Chargers confirmed to attend include Philip Rivers, Hunter Henry, this year's first-round pick Mike Williams and many more.



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"I never wanted to be mediocre at anything. I wanted to be the absolute best."

     -- Deion Sanders, on ESPN Classic's "SportsCentury" series

Deion was always good for a memorable quote, wasn't he?

How about this one: "How do you thinkJordan Berry Youth Jersey  defensive backs get attention?" Sanders asked. "They don't pay nobody to be humble."

Born Aug. 9, 1967, in Fort Myers, Florida, Sanders was playing organized baseball and football by age 8. An all-state performer in football, baseball and basketball at North Fort Myers High, he took his talents to Florida State, where he helped lead the baseball team to the College World Series and was a two-time All-American in football.

The Atlanta Falcons made him the fifth overall selection in the 1989 NFL Draft, and the New York Yankees selected him in the 30th round of the Major League Baseball draft in 1988.

Sanders never lacked confidence. And why should he have? In 2014, just before Sanders was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Gil Brandt of NFL.com relayed these superlatives:

Sanders is the only man to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series.

He is the only man to hit an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week.

He is the only player to have both a reception and an interception in the Super Bowl.

He is one of just two players to score an NFL touchdown six different ways.

He even had two nicknames: "Primetime" and "Neon Deion."

And before all the accolades, way back Henry Anderson Kids Jersey on May 29, 1994, Sanders became a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

Wrote Claire Smith of The New York Times: "The Atlanta Braves traded Deion Sanders to the Cincinnati Reds for Roberto Kelly yesterday in what on the surface seemed a simple matter of right and left. The Braves, missing Ron Gant's right-handed power a great deal, acquired some pop in the form of Kelly, the Yankee prospect who had developed into an All-Star with Cincinnati. Sanders, another former Yankee prospect but a left-handed batter, nicely meets a Cincinnati need, the team being overloaded with right-handed hitters and in need of Sanders' type of speed."

But Smith also noted that Sanders may have worn out his welcome in Atlanta.

"There has been a perception that the Braves have wearied of Sanders, the multiple sports star who not only played brashly for them but also was an All-Pro defensive back for the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons, who last month made him an unrestricted free agent while expressing interest in retaining him."

The Reds, however, had high hopes for the deal. Manager Davey Johnson said, "Sanders was not the thumper I was looking for, but he's the next best thing."

Jim Bowden, the Reds' general manager, said, "He's a great athlete, probably the fastest runner in baseball today. He has the type of personality that can help us sell tickets. Deion Sanders is a better defensive player; he makes us a better defensive team. We were top-heavy with right-handed hitting. He gives us a pure left-handed leadoff man, which we didn't have."

The previous year, Sanders batted .276 with the Braves before going on the disabled list in August with a respiratory infection. That ended his baseball season, and he arrived late with the Falcons, but still went on to lead the NFC http://www.authentic...sey-c-2_54.html with seven interceptions in 11 games.

By 1994, the Reds were off to a hot start. Clay Marshall of RedlegNation.com reports that through the end of April, they'd won 15 games, lost just seven and held a 2.5-game lead over second-place Houston, then a member of the National League.

"In May (when Bowden sent Kelly to Atlanta for Deion Sanders) and June, the Reds went a combined 29-26 -- nothing special, but good enough to still enjoy a 1.5-game lead as of June 30," Marshall wrote. "The team padded that total by one additional game prior to the All-Star break, yet only Barry Larkin (who, after a slow start, sported a solid .286/.386/.409 line at the break en route to his first Gold Glove) and Jose Rijo (8-4, 3.06) earned invitations to Pittsburgh for the midsummer classic."

The Reds' lead slipped as the Astros surged, all under the dark cloud of a possible players' strike that could end the season. And when the strike began on Aug. 12, "the Reds led the NL Central with a record of 66-48," Marshall reported. "Just over a month later, acting commissioner Bud Selig formally canceled the remainder of the season. For the first time since 1904, there would be no World Series."

Sanders was hitting .283 with 38 steals at that point. Of course, his football season was just beginning. He signed a one-year deal with San Francisco, where he tied the 49ers' single-season record with three interception returns for touchdowns and became the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. His four tackles and an interception helped the 49ers beat San Diego 49-26 in Super Bowl XXIX.

But do you remember when he got arrested?

In Mike Shannon's book, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," he chronicles when Sanders was arrested on Aug. 8, 1994 "in an incident that was as silly as it was criminal."

"When Sanders tried to drive his motor scooter out of Riverfront Stadium through a pedestrian exit, a police officer ordered him to stop and leave by a different exit," Shannon wrote. Sanders ignored the officer, who then grabbed the ballplayer and was dragged about 20 feet. Sanders was charged with resisting arrest, failure to comply and leaving the scene of an accident.

He was exonerated on all counts.

Three years ago, Cory Collins wrotehttp://www.authentic...sey-c-1_16.html  this for FanSided: "In 1995, Sanders wrote a second verse, same as the first. Only, in true Neon Deion style, it might have been a little louder."

In football, Sanders became a Dallas Cowboy. Less than a year later, they won Super Bowl XXX over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And Sanders' time with the Reds was relatively short.







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Did the Vikings just draft
  • Did the Vikings just draft
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The Vikings filled another need when they selected Rodney Adams out of South Florida. The wide receiver will fill the immediate role Lance Alworth Youth Jersey of kick returner for the Vikings, after Cordarrelle Patterson left for the Oakland Raiders in free agency.

Adams joins a wider receiver corps that has plenty of talent in Stefon Diggs, Laquon Treadwell and Adam Thielen, so Adams is not likely to see much time on the field on offense, but will make an immediate impact in special teams. In 2015, he averaged 29.1 yards per return and in 2016 he averaged 24.3 yards per return, according to Sports Reference.

Adam is a dynamic athlete, as hehttp://www.officialv...rsey-c-2_8.html  scored touchdowns in multiple ways, according to Mike Wobschall.

The Vikings continue to fill their needs in the draft, something that General Manager Rick Spielman has done well throughout his time here.

Adams has nice size, speed and big-play ability, which is something the Vikings lacked last season. Adams also only dropped three passes his senior season, so you know his hands are good.

The wide out will be a work-in-progresshttp://www.coltsshop...sey-c-1_36.html  for the Vikings, but they selected another high potential player that can make an immediate impact as a kick returner next season.




Posted 02 May 2017 - 03:02 PM #8920

Did the Vikings just draft
  • Did the Vikings just draft
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The Vikings filled another need when they selected Rodney Adams out of South Florida. The wide receiver will fill the immediate roleCharles Haley Womens Jersey  of kick returner for the Vikings, after Cordarrelle Patterson left for the Oakland Raiders in free agency.

Adams joins a wider receiver corps that has plenty of talent in Stefon Diggs, Laquon Treadwell and Adam Thielen, so Adams is not likely to see much time on the field on offense, but will make an immediate impact in special teams. In 2015, he averaged 29.1 yards per return and in 2016 he averaged 24.3 yards per return, accordinghttp://www.authentic...sey-c-2_51.html  to Sports Reference.

Adam is a dynamic athlete, as he scored touchdowns in multiple ways, according to Mike Wobschall.

The Vikings continue to fill their needs in the draft, something that General Manager Rick Spielman has done well throughout his time here.

Adams has nice size, speed and big-play ability, which is something the Vikings lacked last season. Adams also only dropped three passes his senior season, so you know his hands are good.

The wide out will be a work-in-progress for the http://www.authentic...sey-c-1_50.html Vikings, but they selected another high potential player that can make an immediate impact as a kick returner next season.