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Help Topic: Forum Guidelines

ShareInvestor Guidelines

As the ShareInvestor community has grown significantly over the years, it is essential that we establish some guidelines to perpetuate harmony and understanding at our site. We call this the ShareInvestor Charter, which includes the following guidelines:

Guidelines On Creating NickNames

For new participants, please note that the following types of user name will not be allowed:

  • Racist names
  • Religious or religion orientated names
  • Names that contain profanity, or variations of profanity
  • Names designed to imitate the name of another member or business names
  • Names that contravene the business names rules, e.g. SGX or DBS
  • Names that imitate or ridicule prominent people, in particular officers of companies

Guidelines on forum postings

  • Disclosure of interest. Please state if you own the stocks which you are discussing. It allows other participants a better appreciation of where you stand and evaluate your comments.
  • Privileged information. Do not post information which is not publicly available as there may be consequences to the source that leaked the information to you.
  • No harassment. ("trolling"). Members of the forum community shall not sow discord by starting arguments using inflammatory posts without substance and launching personal attacks just to get other participants riled up. The use of profanity or obscenities, foul, violent, abusive and threatening language would be considered as inflammatory.
  • No personal attacks. Ideas may be criticized, but not the person. Persistent name calling would amount to a personal attack.
  • No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit or objectionable materials. Even if permitted by laws, we have to respect the rights of members who find such materials offensive.
  • No copyrighted material. You may use links instead but with valid permission from appropriate parties.
  • Respect for the privacy of others. Do not post the private phone numbers, addresses, photographs, etc., without their expressed permission.
  • No spamming. No flooding of the forum with useless contents, advertising of commercial products, etc.

These Guidelines are designed to maintain and improve the state of the forum. Members are entitled to expect the forum to operate with conditions that are conducive to open and frank engagement, free from any fear of being harassed and/or personally attacked, and of being offended by the use of unacceptable language or objectionable materials.

As a necessary introduction, it is a fundamental prerequisite that the "Membership Terms and Conditions" (henceforth referred to as "Membership T&Cs") have to be strictly observed and respected in full. Some important elements from the Membership T&Cs are highlighted below:

S/No. Item Reference Clause in Membership T&Cs
1Compliance with relevant laws (general reminder)2.2.
2Adherence to rules on forum postings2.4. and 3.4.
3Compliance with provisions on Intellectual Property (IP) and Limitations on Use of Materials provided.4.
4Suspension and Termination6.3.
5Disclaimer to be noted7.

ShareInvestor Forum is a closed, un-moderated forum for members of ShareInvestor, and is an extension of ShareInvestor WebPro and Share Investor Station portals. Members come in with different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise for the common purpose of becoming better investors or traders on their investment journey through free and open exchange of knowledge and experiences by matured, open-minded and intelligent people.

As a community, at the least, members have to get along, and for that to happen, there have to be some rules and guidelines. If the majority respects the rules and guidelines, members will find that they can have fun as well along the way.

Upon being notified of a breach, Members who do not respect the rules and guidelines will be dealt with in accordance with the Forum Infraction Policy while reserving the right to deal with the errant member in accordance with Membership T&Cs clause 6.3.

Forum Infraction Policy

  1. This Forum Infractions Policy supplements the above forum posting guidelines and does not replace them. Breach of forum guidelines may have consequences under the law and/or consequences under Membership T&Cs and this policy. Enforcement of forum guidelines will be without prejudice to the Membership T&Cs.
  2. Main features:
    1. Transparency - the consequences of infractions are made clear through an infraction points system which sets the points for different types of infractions and provide prompt notification when infraction points are given to a participant. Infraction points accumulated status is displayed against each participant's name in each forum post for the reference of the poster and other participants.

    2. Multi-level – set out below is the level of accumulated infraction points, leading to a suspension of access to ShareInvestor forum for such stated periods. The objective is to deter repeat offending through heavier penalties and tighter point hurdles as the accumulated points grow.

      • 6 points – 7 days automatic suspension
      • 9 points – 21 days automatic suspension
      • 12 points – 60 days automatic suspension *
      • 15 points – 180 days automatic suspension *

      Upon reaching or exceeding the 15-point level, a member will be suspended for 180 days. While serving the 180-day suspension, infractions aging as per clause 2.c. shall continue to be effective. With the maximum aging period of 180 days, this would reset the member's infraction points back to zero upon his return from suspension. By wiping out the infraction points and returning on a clean slate, we hope it will have the desired effect of changing the member's online conduct for the better.

      * : Users reaching 12 points and 15 points respectively will face additionally restrictions to his homepage privileges (applicable to those users to whom such privileges have been given).

      When a user reaches or exceeds 12 infraction points, his homepage will be locked for 90 days and new posts can no longer be created during this period. His homepage will be unlocked at the end of the 90-day period (Note: A locked homepage can still be viewed).

      When a user reaches or exceeds 15 infraction points, his homepage will be removed and its contents will be archived. The user will no longer be eligible for homepage privilege until a written request for its reinstatement is approved by ShareInvestor.

    3. Infractions aging – infraction points given for each infraction will be automatically deducted after a period of 90 days (for 1-point infractions) or 180 days (for all other infractions of more than 1 point) has lapsed. The purpose of aging is to encourage participants to reform and to discourage repeated infractions. The serving of a suspension does not remove the infraction points – only aging can remove infraction points. Infraction points are accumulated on a continuing basis and not by calendar year basis. Infraction points are carried over into the new membership term upon renewal.

    4. Simple reporting of alleged infractions – a report button shall be provided in each post for participants who wish to report infractions. Please note that while the reporting is simple, abuse of the system, e.g. repeated frivolous reporting, is an infraction itself.

Infraction Points Table

1 Disclosure of interest
Non-disclosure of interest in the stocks when posting comments in a stock thread
Nil While we encourage this as a good practice, no participants will be faulted for this violation.
2 Privileged information
Posting information on listed companies which is not publicly available.
2 points ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.
3 Personal attacks
Personal attacks on other participants.
3 points Includes without limitation, attacking another's intelligence, character, persistent name calling, violent / abusive / threatening and harassing comments
4 Post using profanity, obscenities, pornographic / sexually offensive / sexually explicit or objectionable materials 1 point Includes without limitation, the circumvention of bad words filter as determined by the context of use.
5 Posting slanderous, defamatory posts 2 points ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.
6 Posting offensive religious / political / racial comments. 1 point ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.
7 Impersonating other participants or public figures. 1 point ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.
8 Spamming
Make multiple postings or spamming in our forums.
1 point
9 Posting commercial advertisement or solicitation of any kind. 1 point
10 Inconsiderate behavior
  1. Use of oversized fonts (greater than 5) or posting in all caps
  2. Straying from the discussion topic.
1 point 10.b. doesn't apply to Participants' Homepages where the Homepage Owner is the moderator.
11 Unacceptable behavior against ShareInvestor or its employees
Making threats, harassing or using abusive language against ShareInvestor or its employees
3 points This is not against negative feedback or challenges to ShareInvestor but is against the manner that it is delivered.
12 Trolling
  1. Provocation / flaming / baiting
  2. Widespread
  3. Obnoxious reporting
1 point
  1. These are posts designed to elicit an emotional response from other participants
  2. The action of posting excessively in multiple threads with the intention to annoy other participants or ShareInvestor
  3. Defined as repeated and targeted reporting that takes aim at the person rather than the issue.
13 Respecting the privacy of others
Not respecting the privacy of others (posting of private phone numbers, addresses, photographs without consent)
2 points ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.
14 Avatars
Use of religious, racial or political symbols as avatars.
1 point ShareInvestor will remove the participant's avatar pending his selection of a compliant avatar.
15 Copyright infringements
Posting copyrighted material.
1 point ShareInvestor will in addition remove the offending post containing such information / materials.

Disclaimers and Others:

  1. Participants are reminded that ShareInvestor "has no obligation to and does not actively review or edit the messages, views, advice, analyses, opinions and recommendations of Members" in the forum. However, ShareInvestor "expects all members to comply with all relevant laws". For any breach of laws and for any legal actions brought against the member by any persons, the member shall be individually and personally liable. (For the full disclaimer clause, please refer to Clause 7 of the Membership Terms and Conditions ("Membership T&Cs")
  2. Participants are also reminded of ShareInvestor's right, at its discretion, to "change, modify, add, or remove" any part of the Membership T&Cs, including the ShareInvestor Guidelines, this Forum Infraction Policy, the details of the Infraction Points Table, etc.
  3. A single posting may trigger more than one infraction, and in such cases, the infraction points issued to the participant shall be the sum of each infraction committed.
  4. Direct online reporting of infractions are available for postings made in the past 7 calendar days. Reporting of infractions outside this time period should be made in writing with your personal details and addressed to:

    ShareInvestor Pte Ltd
    82 Genting Lane #03-01 Media Centre Annex,
    Singapore 349567.